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We are closing June with love dances

Summer Dance Theater with the lovers of Verona
2019. June 5., Wednesday
Love dances – for dance lovers
2019. June 11., Tuesday

We are closing June with love dances

With its love-filled, spectacular and dynamic productions, the Royal Ballet Fehérvár will perform on the open-air stage of the Feketehegy-Szarazret Community Center on Friday, June 28, at 20.30 at Love Dances Night.

Love is one of the best feelings in the world: we see the world through rose-tinted glasses, we are happier and everything is more beautiful. This wonderful mood can also be expressed in music and dance, and we can say that since these genres exist, most of the works are born in the sense of this particular feeling.

In the performance of June 28, Attila Egerházi, director-choreographer, approaches the feeling of love from several sides: he adds humor to Blablabla, he shows the sensuality of love in Closed Curtains, and finally, the energy culminates in Bolero – with the help of Ravel’s classic melodies.

Tickets for the evening can be purchased at the Tourinform office in Székesfehérvár (Oskola street 2–4, Hiemer House) and at the Feketehegy-Szarazret Community Center from June 7th. Entrance fee: 2000 Ft, for students and pensioners: 1500 HUF.

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