Széchenyi 2020

Romeo and Juliet

Attila Egerházi – Szergej Prokofjev:

Romeo and Juliet

dance theatrical drama in three acts

Who wouldn’t be familiar with love and with Shakespeare’s drama about love, the Romeo and Juliet? Eternal principles, human relationships and the widest range of emotions are revealed in this story of affection that has arisen between the children of the two hostile Verona families. One of the most popular songs of this tragedy is Prokofiev’s ballet, written in 1936.

‘Sergei Prokofiev’s monumental, and dramatic ballet music inspired many choreographers as well as me.’ My goal was to create a contemporary ballet, or more precisely a dance theater, which does not illustrate either the work written by Shakespeare or the music of Prokofiev, but recreates and visualizes the imagery embedded in music through a unique form of language- said the director-choreographer.

For Attila Egerházi, Romeo and Juliet is basically a drama of love, fear and elevation but it is also about the feeling of being unappreciated. It’s about what human frailty really means and – of course – one of the strongest manifestations of human distress: hatred.