Széchenyi 2020

The Nutcracker

Attila Egereházi – Pjotr Iljics Csajkovszkij:

The Nutcracker

family ballet in two acts

What makes a holiday a holiday? What brings colors, warmth to our gray and cold everyday lives? The possible answers to these questions are being sought and found to be answered by Attila Egerházi the award-winning director of the institution who focused on this new performance by having Tchaikovsky‘s eternal melodies in it but refraining from making the classical ballet version.

The Stahlbaum family lives in an average gray block of flats, arriving here at Christmas night the unique figure, uncle Drosselmeyer, who brings humor, love, and magic to the household. When the family goes to sleep, miracles -known from the Hoffmann’s tale- happen: the Nutcracker comes to life, such as the different fairy-tale characters, and there is an action, in which Marika, the protagonist finds himself in a fairytale world, on the side of Prince Nutcracker in the end. Following the dance of the snowflakes, the couple reaches the crystal palace, where they receive dazzling celebrations, spectacular Spanish, Chinese, Oriental and Russian dances, and they dance the famously known part of the piece, the Rose Waltz.