Széchenyi 2020


2019. February 16., Saturday

An open day at Royal Ballet Fehérvár

On 16th February, we had another open day at the Dance House, and for this occasion, which was organized in the main saloon, we invited more people.
2019. February 5., Tuesday

An open day again in February

In February, the Royal Ballet Fehérvár invites spectators interested in dance and theater to come and get an insight into the theatrical world behind the scenes.
2019. January 27., Sunday

A hearing was held

150 people applied for the hearing. We were looking for male and female dancers for our next season with outstanding dance technique and powerful performer skills.
2019. January 26., Saturday

An open day with Romeo and Juliet

The Royal Ballet Fehérvár had its first open day of this year held in the in the mirror room of the Dance House in Malom street. Participants had the opportunity to get to know the dancers' everyday lives, and they were the first ones to see details of the upcoming production: Romeo and Juliet.
2019. January 11., Friday

Calling for audition

The Royal Ballet Fehérvár – lead by Attila Egerházi – is looking for male and female dancers with outstanding classical ballet and modern dance technique as well as powerful performing skills for the season: 2019/2020.
2018. December 20., Thursday

Another open day in January

In January, the Royal Ballet Fehérvár invites spectators interested in dance and theater to come and get an insight into the theatrical world behind the scenes.
2018. December 19., Wednesday

The Nutcracker teaser

This year you can still watch a few performances, but it is not a secret that The Nutcracker will be on stage next year as well, since our company’s aim is to create an own, unique Nutcracker for the theater for the audience of the city and the county that will be broadcast every season during the Christmas season.
2018. December 12., Wednesday

The Nutcracker: premiere in two days

The first major performance of the Royal Ballet Fehérvár will be presented at the Vörösmarty Theater on Friday, December 14th, at 19.00. It was directed and choreographed by Attila Egerházi.
2018. November 21., Wednesday

Opening ceremony was held at new stadium

In the afternoon, the MOL Arena Sóstó Stadium was inaugurated. At the spectacular opening, Pixa and Wellhello entertained the audience, and the Royal Ballet Fehérvár performed a spectacular dance etude.
2018. November 17., Saturday

An open day in the Royal Ballet Fehérvár

We invited the audience who love the dance to our open day: in the mirror room of Dance House, those who interested could see how the dancers spend their days, and they could be familiar with a lot of ballet movements and ballet terms, and they got a taste of our new show, the Nutcracker.
2018. November 10., Saturday

Taking a glance backstage

We are going to hold an open day on November 17th, at 10:00 in the Dance House. We look forward to seeing all the people who show interest in dance and theatre, who want to take a glance behind the scenes of the Royal Ballet Fehérvár.
2018. October 26., Friday

A ‘PIECE of magic’ is made

This morning, the Royal Ballet Fehérvár held its meeting about the approval of the ballet Nutcracker. Attila Egerházi, director and choreographer of the production, stated in his introduction that the play aims the children and all adults who are kids at heart, so the whole scenery is designed accordingly.