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„Life is dynamic, dance is life itself”

Attila Egerházi becomes director
2018. June 29., Friday
A new cultural institution in Székesfehérvár
2018. August 1., Wednesday

„Life is dynamic, dance is life itself”

„Life is dynamic, dance is life itself” says Attila Egerházi, director of the city theatre and ballet institute in Székesfehérvár. According to Egerházi ‘s application letter with which he had recently won his position, the Harangozó Gyula award winner choreographer said about the city and contemporary ballet and artistic work:

„With this position I would like to serve Székesfehérvár and of course the audience. I have had this appreciation and respect towards the city of the kings for a long time. In the upcoming years I wish to become a real resident of the city. In my opinion a creating artist and leader of a cultural center – of course not only because of professional reasons- should build a strong connection with the city and integrate. I like the city and find it important to live here not to mention how important it is to use each and every opportunity to meet with the audience as often as possible.

As a contemporary dance association leader I have 15 years of professional experience at home and abroad of course, and acquired and learnt techniques of all kind. In the last 1,5 decades I have been creating manager, ballet manager and as so I have built and rebuilt institutions in Pécs, Debrecen, Hungarian ballet association, and the Check south Bohemian Ballet that I had also managed for over seven years. I had been actively participating in the process of establishing the contemporary dance association called Budapest Dance Theatre that had celebrated its 25th anniversary last year.

The future belongs to the youth. This statement cannot be an empty, meaningless sentence, but should present our strong will. I keep that in mind and target the youngest generation by putting up contemporary dance designed for children audience. Our staring season’s first play was the Nutcracker, which we plan to keep up dancing and performing in every season. We are also planning to establish a contemporary youth dance house especially designed for children and have programs in every three month.

The Royal Ballet Fehérvár with its international repertoire and international members is aiming to represent our nation’s dance and culture on the highest professional standard.

Being a leader at an institute like this means being a choreographer, master of ballet and a dance instructor, combining it with creative ideas. Building an association is hard work, and leading it cannot be successful without good cooperation and co- workers. It is not a one-man show. Success is team work. We must look for the same, work for the same, belong to the team and feel one, each of us must do our best.