Széchenyi 2020

Székesfehérvári Balett Színház

2019. August 5., Monday

Művészeti titkárt keresünk

A Székesfehérvári Balett Színház a „közalkalmazottak jogállásáról szóló” 1992. évi xxxiii. törvény 20/a § alapján pályázatot hirdet művészeti titkár munkakör betöltésére. Jelentkezési határidő: 2019. augusztus 26.
2019. June 25., Tuesday

Royal Ballet Fehérvár is to schedule four new performances

Narrative ballets (story ballets), dance theatrical dramas, dance theater evenings with contemporary ballets and children's ballets will be included in the repertoire plan of the Royal Ballet Fehérvár: The Theater is planning four new performances and the recent season’s productions will also be in the current season’s plan.
2019. June 11., Tuesday

Love dances – for dance lovers

This summer, the Feketehegy-Szárarét Community Center’s open-air stage is waiting for its audience with more novelties. The first of these will be a ballet of three acts: Love dances - for dance lovers from the Royal Ballet Fehérvár, held on Friday, June 28, at 20:30.
2019. May 29., Wednesday

The Royal Ballet Fehérvár is a member of the Association of Hungarian Dancers

The Association of Hungarian Dancers – the most significant and prestigious council of the Hungarian dance industry – registered the Royal Ballet Fehérvár as a member at its meeting held on May 27th.
2019. May 22., Wednesday

Romeo and Juliet teaser

Romeo and Juliet – the children of the two hostile Verona families – meet in a masquerade ball. The ancient conflict between the Montague and Capulet families is like a dark cloud above the whole city, but love does not know such barriers: these young people will fall in love with each other at first sight, and soon, they secretly get married.
2019. April 26., Friday

Lovers of Verona on the ballet stage

The Royal Ballet Fehérvár is preparing for a new great show. Based on the classic work of Shakespeare, involving Prokofiev’s music, the premiere of Romeo and Juliet in three acts will be on May 12 at the Vörösmarty Theater.
2019. February 27., Wednesday

Male dancers wanted!

The Royal Ballet Fehérvár under the leadership of Attila Egerházi is seeking male dancers with strong classical and contemporary technique for the 2019/2020 season. Strong performer skills are preferred.
2019. February 24., Sunday

The plans of Romeo and Juliet were accepted

The next major show in the Royal Ballet Fehérvár will be Prokofiev's dance theatrical drama in three acts: Romeo and Juliet. The ballet was directed by Attila Egerházi who was responsible for the choreography.
2019. February 5., Tuesday

An open day again in February

In February, the Royal Ballet Fehérvár invites spectators interested in dance and theater to come and get an insight into the theatrical world behind the scenes.
2019. January 11., Friday

Calling for audition

The Royal Ballet Fehérvár – lead by Attila Egerházi – is looking for male and female dancers with outstanding classical ballet and modern dance technique as well as powerful performing skills for the season: 2019/2020.
2018. December 20., Thursday

Another open day in January

In January, the Royal Ballet Fehérvár invites spectators interested in dance and theater to come and get an insight into the theatrical world behind the scenes.
2018. December 19., Wednesday

The Nutcracker teaser

This year you can still watch a few performances, but it is not a secret that The Nutcracker will be on stage next year as well, since our company’s aim is to create an own, unique Nutcracker for the theater for the audience of the city and the county that will be broadcast every season during the Christmas season.