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Ballet is like a poetry that should be felt rather than understood

Réka Láposi was given the Pro Theatro award
2018. September 23., Sunday
Bolero was an overnight success
2018. October 16., Tuesday

Ballet is like a poetry that should be felt rather than understood

The Ballet Theater’s first triple build performance will be presented on Tuesday, October 16 at 7 pm at the Vörösmarty Theater. In Bolero, five contemporary pieces can be seen in three acts. Before the show, the audience will also be invited to a meeting – according to a press conference held on Wednesday at the Dance House.

The group’s rehearsal was suspended by the representatives of the press at the Dance House (Malom street) on Wednesday morning. In the mirror room, the director, Attila Egerházi, spoke about the following things: next week’s performance is vital for the company, because this is going to be the first time they perform in front of the audience as an institution. This contemporary dance is the first triple build performance of the group. The acts are not inextricably connected with each other: in the case of triple builds, we are not talking about a story built on each other, but rather performances on their own that are separated by pauses.

There is no connection among the 3 pieces, each one is an island, and not really entire of itself, but each one is a piece of the whole ‘continent’ -said the director, who pointed out that their performances give the audience a real experience by speaking to the audience through the language of the dance. Ballet is like a poetry that should be felt rather than understood.

The first act’s opening etude, ‘Blablabla’ makes us laughs on ourselves, and on our everyday problems. The second piece of the act, Aquarell Rainbow invokes a bittersweet mood, and the final part, Kisses is a cheerful ‘dance-puzzle’. The second act shows the so-called Closed Curtains, in which at a certain point the curtain rises, and it allows us to gaze in wonder at an unknown or maybe familiar world –probably our inner world- with the help of numerous actors. In the final act, the piece ‘Lipstick’ transforms the well-known melody in Bolero (Ravel) into dance, and with rising tempo and energy reaches its peak towards the end. The choreographer for most productions is Attila Egerházi, the director of the Royal Ballet Fehérvár. The press was given an insight into Closed Curtains and Bolero.

Bolero (részlet)

Szerdai Bolero-próbánkon természetesen a címadó produkcióból is adtunk ízelítőt a sajtónak 🙂 Új estünknek október 16-án, kedden 19 órakor lehet részese a közönség a Vörösmarty Színházban – előadás előtt közönségtalálkozóra is invitáljuk a műfaj kedvelőit a teátrum kávézójába.Minden az estről:értékesítés: Alba Regia Szimfonikus Zenekar pénztára (Vörösmarty Színház, Fő utca 8.) • +36 70 509 88 05 • • Diák- és nyugdíjasjegy csak személyesen vásárolhatóOnline jegyértékesítés:

Közzétette: Székesfehérvári Balett Színház – 2018. október 12., péntek


Upon hearing the word: ‘contemporary’ many of those who love culture are wondering what an earth is a contemporary performance like? But you don’t need to worry, said Éva Brájer, deputy mayor, who also added: ‘That was the goal to organize a spectacular conference like that so that the audience could see the creative process, and be familiar with the team that stands in front of them on stage. There is also a new initiative that invites fans of the genre to an audience conference. All people are welcome, who feel that it would be great to get a better insight into the ballet world before watching the dance performance, or would love to meet with the creators and dancers. The audience conference starts at 18.15 at the Vörösmarty Theater Café.

Tickets can be purchased at the Alba Regia Symphony Orchestra (Vörösmarty Theater, 8. Fő street). and online at:

Első triple build-estjét mutatja be a Székesfehérvári Balett Színház október 16-án, kedden 19 órakor a Vörösmarty…

Közzétette: Székesfehérvári Balett Színház – 2018. október 10., szerda